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About House of LDLR

What is Everyday Sexy?

At House of LDLR, we want you to embrace one simple truth: you are sexy—every inch of you inside and out—no matter what you are doing and where you are doing it. Sexuality isn’t just something you turn on when you climb into bed with a lover; it’s the living, breathing joyful force that thrives on self-love, intimacy, passion, and generosity. Your sexuality is electrifying in the heat of passion, it’s rejuvenating when you reach new depths of intimacy, and it emboldening when you dare to be your gorgeous unique self. Yes, we know saying it and living it are not always the same thing—all kinds of things can bog you down—but we’ve got a something special to offer you: cannabis-infused intimacy products.

A Full Line of Intimate Cannabis Cosmetics and Playful Accessories

With our exclusive line of what we call “intimate cosmeceuticals”, we want to show you what the cosmetics industry has overlooked for centuries: that beauty and self-care extend well beyond the face and neck. Not only do the healing properties of THC and CBD (extracted from cannabis) revitalize and nourish the skin, but cannabis has a well-deserved reputation as an aphrodisiac. The THC’s impact on brain chemistry elevates the senses, lowers inhibitions, and invites a deeper connection. So is your libido ready to come out and play? Try all of our Everyday Sexy rituals and revel in your discoveries: adorn yourself with a shimmering body oil, arouse your desire with an edible oil or ring, or luxuriate in a full-body pampering session with our intimate moisturizer.

We Plan to Elevate Your Experience

As for us, we are a mother and daughter team, thrilled about the opportunity that legal cannabis brings to deliver safe, high-quality all-natural intimate cannabis products for women and men. But we know that products aren’t enough–we want to address sex and intimacy with frankness and candor because we believe that accurate information leads to better decision-making, which then leads to better sex, and sets you right up for our Everyday Sexy philosophy. As women who’ve worked in both the cannabis and adult industries, we are keenly aware of their respective stigmas – cannabis as the province of hippie stoners, and adult products as the playthings of porn stars or eccentric billionaires. We’re excited to move the conversation to a higher plane (so to speak) encouraging you to explore and experiment as a way of enhancing your sex lives. We will help you navigate your questions about the products, overcome embarrassment, and find answers to your sex questions.

Our Commitment to You

The truth is, if you aren’t having a good time neither are we. You deserve a richly satisfying experience with our products so here are a few things that are important to us: 

First, quality: we use only the highest quality body-friendly ingredients in our product line (i.e. organic whenever possible, no glycerin, parabens, phthalates, synthetic ingredients) and we work closely with the cannabis industry's leading extraction artists to 

to infuse our products with the best and highest quality cannabis so you can have a consistent and sublime experience.

Second, honesty: we will be truthful about what our products will do for you, and not overstate their claims. As Luz likes to say, 
"We won't claim to treat, heal, or prevent illness or disease, but if happiness is a cure then you tell us".

Third, accurate information: we will reference science where it exists and do our best to dispel myths and information which

plague both the cannabis and adult industries.

More Coming Soon

So much is changing all the time, if you’d like to stay up to date on what is happening, what is next, and where to buy, please sign up for the email list, and you’ll be the first to know when exciting things happen at LDLR.

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